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About Scythe variations

Posted by 3kaku_ on

Today's photo is of the world's first (?) pentagonal keyboard, the Scythe ⛏!
I've never seen a pentagonal keyboard before, so I guess it's a world first 😆 (according to our research).

The picture shows a "black" acrylic laminated case, but technically it's called "gray smoke" and has a nice translucent look.
I personally like the fact that you can see the letters "⛏Scythe" on the board through it. It's a feature that the "white" case doesn't have, though I like the "white" case as well.

Scythe offers acrylic laminated cases in two styles (Style) and two colors (Color).
The available combinations are as follows

  • Normal version (All parts need to be soldered)
    • White (White)
    • Black (Black)
  • Soldered version (Pre-Soldered)
    • White (White)
    • Black

Scythe can also be equipped with an optional LED light.

  • The backlight is a bullet-shaped 3mm LED.
  • For underglow, WS2812B tape LED

You can mount both or just one of them.

Also, Scythe is a bit difficult to make😓
If you want to take your time and aim for a higher level, please buy the normal version.
If you want to use it right away, go for the Pre-Soldered version, which comes with the firmware already written.
Either way, it's the world's first (?) pentagonal keyboard, and if you make a few changes, it will be unique! This is the best part of making your own keyboard!

I hope you enjoy the kit from Kagizaraya✨

Thank you for reading today ♪