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かぎざら屋キーボードをお買い上げの際に、あわせて「はんだ付けサービス」をご購入いただきますと、表面実装部品のはんだ付けとファームウェアの書き込みが完了した状態でお届けします (ただし、Chidori を除く。以下同じ) 。⁣


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実りの秋にMiniAxe LP入荷しました!

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長らく品切れしておりました MiniAxe LP 入荷しました!⁣




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About the change of free shipping amount

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We would like to inform you that we have changed the applicable amount of free shipping in Japan!

Details of the change

Before the change : Free shipping for orders over 15,000 yen (tax included)
After the change : Free shipping for orders over 10000 yen (including tax)

Date of change
From orders placed on or after April 16, 2021 (Fri.) 0:00

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MiniAxe Red and Black versions are now in stock!

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⭐️ Notice ⭐️

"Red" and "Black" versions are now in stock!

If you're interested, check 'em out soon!

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About MiniAxe variations and a few other things

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Speaking of kagizaraya, here is a small axe type MiniAxe.:axe:
The photo shows the type with "clear" top and bottom plates.

The MiniAxe is available in two styles and three colors of top and bottom plates. The available combinations are as follows

  • Normal (All parts must be soldered)
    • Clear (Clear)
    • Black (Black)
    • Red (Red)
  • Soldered version (Pre-Soldered)
    • Clear only

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