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MiniAxe Red and Black versions are now in stock!

Posted by 3kaku_ on

⭐️ Notice ⭐️

"Red" and "Black" versions are now in stock!

If you're interested, check 'em out soon!

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About MiniAxe variations and a few other things

Posted by 3kaku_ on

Speaking of kagizaraya, here is a small axe type MiniAxe.:axe:
The photo shows the type with "clear" top and bottom plates.

The MiniAxe is available in two styles and three colors of top and bottom plates. The available combinations are as follows

  • Normal (All parts must be soldered)
    • Clear (Clear)
    • Black (Black)
    • Red (Red)
  • Soldered version (Pre-Soldered)
    • Clear only

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MiniAxe with keycaps made of Minoyaki porcelain

Posted by 3kaku_ on

The keycap in the photo is a work of art by Toshihiko Ooka, "Minoyaki Cap" (made of Minoyaki porcelain).

It's the owner's favorite.

Since I had the chance, 3kaku was also allowed to touch it.

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Happy New Year

Posted by ka2hiro_ on

🎍Happy New Year🎍

Thank you for everything last year.

Best wishes for 2021.

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MiniAxe はんだ済み版を発売しました

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