Kagizaraya BOOTH shop will be closed at the end of November

Posted by 3kaku_ on

At the end of last month, the Kagizaraya online shop opened!

The Kagiharaya BOOTH shop will be closed at the end of November.

Out-of-stock items from the Kagizaraya BOOTH shop will not be restocked, so please check the Kagizaraya online shop for availability 😉.

We're giving away 2 sets of Kagizaraya original keycaps (white and black) and a sticker for every keyboard you purchase. We'll end the offer when all the stock is gone.💁‍♀️

We look forward to seeing you there😆.

Today's post is on the pentagonal keyboard Scythe.

We also have a pre-soldered version available.

Thanks again for reading today... ♪

🛒 https://kagizaraya.jp