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Kagizaraya key caps and stickers are available for sale

Posted by 3kaku_ on


Starting today, we'll be selling a set of key caps with the Kagizaraya logo in our online store!

The set includes the following three items

Black key cap
White key cap

The keycaps are DSA profiled, and the logo is printed by UV printer.

There is a possibility that the printing will fade and in some cases disappear after a long time of use.

The stickers are made of PVC and are matted.

The price is 500 yen including tax.

Click here to purchase.:woman-tipping-hand:

May happiness come to you every time you press the keycap with the "Kagizaraya" logo.

Thank you for reading.


From today, the keycap set with the "Kagizaraya" logo will be available at the online store!