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MiniAxe with keycaps made of Minoyaki porcelain

Posted by 3kaku_ on

The keycap in the photo is a work of art by Toshihiko Ooka, "Minoyaki Cap" (made of Minoyaki porcelain).

It's the owner's favorite.
Since I had the chance, 3kaku was also allowed to touch it.

Not only is it beautiful and unique to look at, but it's also very comfortable to touch 😍.
The blue ones are smooth with a good sense of resistance.
The brown ones have the right amount of unevenness to stimulate your brain.
In contrast to their unique and warm appearance, they are a little cold to the touch, making you want to keep touching them.
I actually touched it for a while, no, a long time😅.

I wish there was a Minoyaki case too.
Then, finally, I want to use chopsticks to type on the keyboard (🤷‍♂️← reaction of the store owner beside me).

The keyboard in the photo is the MiniAxe, the most popular keyboard at Kagizaraya!

MiniAxe Normal Style Kit ¥9000
MiniAxe Pre-Soldered Style Kit ¥14,000

We look forward to working with you at Kagizaraya again this year.