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This is a Pro Micro compatible board for DIY keyboard. As an alternative to Pro Micro, which is often used in DIY keyboard, you can use it as it is without any special work.

What is Kamisori?

It has the following features.

  •  It is difficult to break off the connector
    • A through-hole type USB Micro B type connector is used, making it difficult to break off.
  • No silk screen
    • There are no characters or designs on the board that detract from the beauty of the keyboard, such as terminal names, part numbers, and brand names.
  • Matte black
    • Because it uses matte black as the solder mask color, it won't stand out even when attached to a keyboard.
  • No LED
    • There is no LED indicating the operating status. It doesn't emit extra light, so you won't be bothered in the dark.
  • Spring pin header compatible
    • If the keyboard is also compatible with the spring pin header, it is possible to assemble without soldering.


  • Pin header(12 pins) x 2


  • It operates only at 5V / 16MHz.
  • VCC is output as it is at the RAW pin, so do not apply more than 5V.