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The Chidori DIY keyboard kit requires soldering all the electric parts. In order to complete, some parts(switches/keycaps) must be purchased separately.

What is Chidori?

Chidori is the same 48-key orthodox split keyboard as Let's Split.

It has the following features.

  • Split
  • Ortholinear
  • Easy to assemble with all through-hole parts
  • Place electronic components on the surface
  • Can be divided into 3 parts with the expansion kit

It is a DIY keyboard kit that looks a bit unique because you can see electronic components that are normally hidden in the case.

About expansion kit

The expansion kit can add numeric keypad functions to the basic kit.

  • Supports 2U keys at three positions: "0" (lower left), "+" (upper center), "Enter" (lower center)
  • Includes 2U stabilizers
  • All 24 keys can be configured as 1U

It can be used both as a numeric keypad and as a macro pad.

Note: It does not work with the expansion kit alone. Be sure to connect it to the basic kit.

Parts required separately

To complete the kit, you need to obtain the following parts separately.

  • Cherry MX compatible key switches
  • Key caps

The following sites are recommended for purchasing key switches and key caps in Japan.

All other necessary parts are included. Refer to the assembly manual for details on the included items.

How to assemble

Please refer to the following page for how to assemble.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

The photo is a sample and not the same as the product. Specifications are subject to change without notice.