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The Halberd DIY keyboard kit requires soldering all the electric parts (slightly difficult). In order to complete, some parts(switches/keycaps) must be purchased separately.

About Variations

Halberd is available in two styles and two color combinations. The combinations available for purchase are as follows.

  • Normal (all parts need to be soldered)
    • White
    • Black
  • Pre-Soldered
    • White
    • Black

What is Halberd?

Halberd is a 40-key, Ortholinear keyboard kit.

The main features are as follows.

  • Unique keystroke feeling with aluminum PCB top / bottom plate
  • A sense of unity with acrylic middle plate (white [half milk] or black [gray smoke])
  • Supports Backlight (SK6812MINI)

Since ProMicro is not used in the controller, it is necessary to solder parts such as MCU directly to the board, and the difficulty of assembly is a little higher, but when the kit is completed, a sense of accomplishment can be obtained.

Parts that need to be purchased separately

The following parts must be purchased separately to complete the kit.

  • Key switch (CherryMX compatible) x 40
  • 40 key caps
  • USB MicroB cable for PC connection
  • (Optional) Backlight 40 SK6812MINI x 40

The following sites are recommended for purchase of key switches and key caps in Japan.

All other necessary parts are included. Refer to the assembly instructions for details on the included items. 

The photo is a sample and not the same as the product. Specifications are subject to change without notice.